How Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Emotional Well-Being

Jun 16 , 2020

How Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Emotional Well-Being

Massage is good for your brain

Do you know all the emotional benefits of massage? Well-being, serenity or even reconnecting with your body.

It’s a feeling that many of you have probably already felt:

When the massage session is over and you get dressed, you feel good, even very good. One has the impression of having spent an hour (or more for the lucky ones) in a state of semi-unconsciousness, from which the cottony spirit comes out, with a blissful smile that cannot be erased on the face. It’s undeniable, massages are good for your brain.

Do you know the many emotional benefits of massage?

Benefit # 1: A feeling of well-being


Let's start with a bit of biology: these are the hormones (chemicals secreted by the body) that regulate the emotions in our body. They respond to a mental stimulus and do not try to counteract the problems: if you are under stress, the stress hormone will be produced in large quantities, while the production of a calming hormone would be a much better choice. … Fortunately, there are massages to rebalance all of this! When the masseur, who knows his job well, puts his hands on you, this is what happens in your body:

  • Adrenaline (anxiety hormone), Cortisol (stress hormone) and Vasopressin (aggressiveness hormone) levels drop significantly.
  • The production of dopamine (happiness hormone), serotonin (well-being hormone) and oxytocin (tenderness hormone) boosts and invades your body.

Well, here is already a first explanation for our desire to make free hugs to everyone at the end of your session massage.

Benefit # 2: A reset


The session begins, and it only takes a few minutes for you to disconnect from everything. This is called letting go. In a calm, warm environment, with soft music, soft light, the smell of incense, and the scent of massage oil, you just have to close your eyes to clear your mind. Massage is one of the techniques of Zero Mental Therapy, which the individual gets to think of absolutely nothing at all. To achieve this state of semi-consciousness, do not fight against the "doll reflex", which consists of systematically closing your eyes when you lie down.

This is why, when we get up from the massage table after 1 hour of palpation, we have the impression that someone reactivates us after a period of waking and that we slowly get back on track with reality.

Benefit # 3: The body will free to express itself

All of our negative emotions affect our bodies. Stress, anxiety, nervousness or anger leads to muscle tension, stomach pain, heart palpitations, headaches, and so on. If you are experiencing these emotions chronically, you should definitely discuss them with your practitioner before the massage as this will allow them to adapt their technique to your problems. By emphasizing certain sensitive areas, he will be able to untie the knots in your body, thus promoting relaxation.

This is why it is not surprising to cry, to shake, or to have startles during a massage session, and this proves that your masseur is a genie and that he understood your issues.


Benefit # 4: Get your energies flowing freely


To apply the principle of Feng Shui to the human body is just like in a house, the energies must be able to move in the body without found in their way obstacles because it should not be forgotten that if they remain trapped, the energies become harmful (causing discomfort, lack of self-confidence).

According to tantrism, an individual is perfectly balanced when his vital energy can travel in his body, through the channel called Sushumna, without being stopped by closed doors: the chakras. And it’s precisely stressed, anxiety, or even anger that causes them to close. Massage, through the relaxation it provides, actively participates in opening them to let through the energy that allows you to feel in control of your body, mind, and emotions.

Benefit # 5: Achieve your serenity!

By regular massage, you will soon reach a state of intense serenity. You will make peace with yourself, and refocus on the main thing: YOURSELF. Achieving this state of serenity during a massage is not an easy thing, because it is not always easy to relax with a snap of your fingers.

It is necessary to acquire a certain experience to know your body to be able to indicate to your masseur the points on which he must insist to take you instantly to nirvana ... When this deep state of well-being is reached, you can resume your daily life, but you will quickly realize that you understand it differently, that you have the ability to prioritize, that you manage to concentrate more easily and that you are less fragile emotionally.

Benefit # 6: You are feeling good 

Massage also boosts the elimination of dead cells, awakens a slightly lazy transit, and activates blood circulation. Besides, the masseur will advise you after your session to drink plenty of water to eliminate all the toxins and other impurities that have been peeled off from the walls of your organs (thanks to palpation!) and which only needs to be evacuated. So, after two trips to the bathroom, you feel clean from the inside, which brings a real feeling of self-confidence, you are feeling good about yourself and it shows.

The emotional benefits of massage are part of the logic of a healthy lifestyle. If you need to relax, but drink 5 liters of coffee a day, it will be very difficult for your masseur to get anywhere, even if you have reserved it for 2 hours. To be completely effective, you must couple these sessions with regular breathing exercises, periods of relaxation for example, and a lifestyle that must be clean.


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