We are a mobile massage company leader in Birmingham and we are currently recruiting both full-time and part-time mobile massage therapists to provide services to clients in their homes throughout the city.

Our company is specialises in seven massage techniques including Polynesian, Kansu Bowl, Bamboo, Hand, Cranial, Facial, and Neck-Shoulder, and Back Pain Massage.

Our vision is to help our clients to achieve optimal wellness and wellbeing, both physically and mentally and to set up a complete service of massages responding in this way to the most important issue of our society which is to find the perfect balance.

Our ultimate goal is to expand our services to the public sector, adding benefits to the general population's physical and mental well-being.

We work in partnership with a US brand to achieve our vision and we are looking for candidates who are willing to work with us. We are looking for committed, motivated, fresh people who share our company values and comply with Health and Safety requirements. We are looking for candidates who are open-minded, respectful, dynamic, caring, and adaptable. We offer some of the highest pay rates in the industry and flexible working hours.

Join us in promoting balance and wellbeing within our communities.


  • Requirements:

If you're 18 years or older and hold a certificate or diploma in massage therapy, spa massage, you may be interested in pursuing a career as a massage practitioner. With experience and positive feedback from customers, you can expect to earn competitive rates. However, it's important to note that liability insurance is required. If you're customer service-oriented, both part-time and full-time positions may be available to you.


  • Rates:

Massage therapists can expect to be paid hourly rates based on the type of massage they perform and their level of experience. To apply for a position at Massage Harmony ©, please submit your CV and a cover letter to