Attack Panic: Part 2 - Strategies for Coping and Overcoming

May 22 , 2020

Attack Panic: Part 2 - Strategies for Coping and Overcoming

Treat Anxiety with Essential Oils as a natural alternative


For millennia, essential oils have been known to have relaxing properties.

Aromatherapy offers a multitude of benefits, relaxation, and relaxation of the nervous system.

It is this nervous system that is sometimes overloaded when one is subject to anxiety and anxiety for a long time.

Here are the 5 best essential oils to adopt in order to regulate your mood, be less anxious, and live a more peaceful life:
Lavender essential oil

It is particularly effective against poor digestion, stress, anxiety, or insomnia.

Scots pine essential oil

This oil also has virtues against muscle pain, abdominal pain, depression, and even nervousness.

You can massage the belly with two to three drops on the hand in a massage.

We strongly recommend that you try it. Its invigorating and soothing virtues trigger the hormone of happiness.

Rosewood essential oil

This essential oil is pleasant to smell, so we recommend using it by diffusion or in the bath

It promotes relaxation and acts against depression, overwork, sexual fatigue, mental fatigue, and anxiety.

Ylang Ylang essential oil

This oil is a powerful anti-fatigue and anti-stress. It prevents hypertension, palpitations, stress, nervousness, and anxiety. It is also known for heart regulation.

Chamomile oil

It is soothing and helps you fall asleep

It has the same qualities as the precious essential oils.

It also has calming properties against stress, depression, insomnia, nervous breakdowns, and anxiety disorders.

Use it while taking your bath, or massage it into your body.

You will notice a decrease in your nervous tension and in your insomnia.

How to use Essential Oils?

There are three methods for using essential oils:

By Massage, you can put two or three drops of an essential oil on your hand, then massage your back, on the solar plexus, or on your stomach, for example. Tip: do it before going to sleep!

When bathing, put a few drops in your bath. You will soon feel a pleasant smell that will help you relax and feel completely relaxed.

By diffusion: You will need to obtain an essential oil diffuser. Just spread the essential oil in the room you want.


Treat Anxiety with Omega 3

First you want to be in a good mood and have a better emotional balance, the omega 3 will be your new friends.

If you have depression and negativity, a cure of omega 3 will provide you with the fatty acids necessary to have the spirit freed from negativity and have better emotional functioning.

You can find them here for optimal results. We collaborate with high-quality products, certified and patented in the USA and internationally. These omega 3 are made with innovative, safe, and effective formulas.

This omega 3 formula contains a balanced amount of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), obtained via a sustainable method and contributing to the maintenance of normal brain vision.


Treat Anxiety with Magnesium


Most English people are deficient in magnesium and is that perhaps your case?

Being in a deficit of magnesium results from the problem of stress, mental, and physical fatigue.

Having an adequate intake of this mineral will help you relax, regulate your heart rate,, and drastically increase your energy.

Doing a 30-day course of magnesium will only benefit your body.

This provides minerals and vitamins in one easy daily shot. With vitamins B12&B6 that contribute to the normal function of the immune system and with rice protein concentrate- a rich source of amino acids.

The mineral is an essential complement. Create an account before use and enjoy a sugar-free Mineral classic provides a vegan- friendly source of minerals and vitamins. 

( no suitable for those with kidney health issues )


Treat Anxiety with Self-massage



Self-massage is a practice that relieves tension and let's go in minutes. This practice is very useful because it allows you to relieve muscular stress and stimulate your body.

A few simple gestures can allow you to let go and be focused on the present moment.

Self-massage has many benefits as it releases your emotional blockages, improve your sleep, strengthen your health while boosting your immune defenses.


Treat Anxiety with Fasting

The faster has therapeutic and purifying properties on the body.

Research has shown that restricting food for a short period of time can help you fight depression and anxiety attacks effectively.

The benefits of fasting are endless, clarity of mind, cleansing the body, cleansing your digestive system, reducing chronic disease, losing weight, reducing stress. Only good, if you want to live in well-being.


Treat Anxiety with Meditation


The National Institutes of Health in the United States has allocated more than $ 26 million to research into the effectiveness of meditation in reducing stress and all stress-related illnesses, particularly cardiovascular disease.

And research proves the effectiveness of meditation is effective against stress and mental illness.

It is a practice that is reserved for everyone even the beginner.

It allows you to better manage your emotions, your anxiety, your stress, your negativity and will bring many benefits to your body and mind.

Our sufferings, our anxieties, our unhappiness do not depend on the outside world, but on our own mind.

We spend our energy looking for an external solution, while the answer is within us.

Adopting meditation allows you to focus on yourself and get to know yourself better.

How to meditate well?

Meditating is not the absence of thought as some people may think, but it is a practice that allows you to fix your attention in the present moment.

Learn to be fully aware of the world around us and to silence the flow of thoughts a little each day.

Here are one simple and easy-to-practice techniques you can learn:

The ideal for a successful meditation would be to do it in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

Preferably with your back straight, sitting on a chair, on your bed or on the floor.

You are ready?

Take 10 to 20 minutes to start

First of all, practicing Vipassana meditation is the easiest way to start meditation and it is the essence of meditation, it dates back 2,500 years.

Breathe and meditate with Vipassana in the morning to start the day off right.

You can also practice it in the afternoon to recharge the batteries for the rest of the day or in the evening to start a good night's sleep.

To conclude the practice of Vipassana is a mindfulness meditation technique that allows you to focus your attention on the back and forth of your breath.

 The first thing to do is to sit down.

Then try as much as possible to feel and focus your attention on the movement of your breath.

By feeling your inspiration and your expiration you will be perfectly in the present moment.

Try to breathe in and out deeply, feeling the air coming in and the air coming out during the exercise.

It only takes a few minutes of meditation, you will find that your mind will find it difficult to concentrate and that many thoughts will flow in all directions.

Welcome to the world of meditation and mindfulness.

When you experience mental turmoil, just notice it, smile, and slowly refocus your attention on your breathing.

Here's how to practice Vipassana meditation

 Here are some benefits of regular meditation practice after 8 weeks from 10 to 20 minutes of exercise:

1) Your anxiety and stress will decrease

2) You will be more positive

3) You will feel more emotionally balanced

4) Your immune system could be strengthened

5) Low blood pressure

6) You will be totally relaxed and soothed

7) You could  be less depressed

8) You will develop better concentration

9) You will be able to sleep better and have a good night

10) Your digestion system could be optimized.


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